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Rental Inspection Program   
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Rental Housing Inspection

The City of Luna Pier has adopted a comprehensive rental housing inspection program that requires all non-owner occupied residential properties to be inspected on a regular.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are inspections conducted?

The City of Luna Pier began inspecting non-owner occupied properties protect the public health, safety and welfare of city residents and to improve housing conditions within the City. Ordinance 219 governs the registration and inspections along with the adopted International Property Maintenance Code.

What can I expect?

You must register your rental or non-owner occupied property along with submitting the required fees. You will be contacted by the inspector to schedule the date and time of your inspection. An inspector will meet you or your representative at the property and record any violations of the Property Maintenance code. In the event violations are found, an Inspection Report will be provided to you and all violations will be listed along with a time line in which to make the required corrections. If no violations are found or once corrections are made and verified by the Inspector, you will be issued a Certificate of Compliance, which is good for a period of 2-years provided that the unit is rented by the same tenant during that period.

What happens if I fail to make the corrections or register my rental?

With a valid and approved reason, the inspector may grant you no more than a thirty (30) day extension. Failure to comply after that will result in a violation citation which may include a civil infraction and/or misdemeanor.

What are the fees?

The cost of registration is $30.00 for each building unit per property address. There is an inspection fee of $100.00 for each unit. This fee covers the first inspection. Additional inspections(if required), No-show fees and new owner or tenant inspections are $50.00 per unit.

What will be inspected?

An inspection form that will be used by the inspector can be downloaded for this page but here is a sample of items inspected: Exterior is in good condition. No peeling paint or missing siding. Electrical is safe. Bathrooms and kitchens are required to have GFI wall outlets. All habitable spaces are required to have a minimum of two separate and remote outlets. Wiring meets code. Plumbing is safe, without leak sand meets code. Windows are in good condition and operable where required. Smoke detectors on each floor and in all sleeping rooms. Heating system works properly and is safe. All other conditions on the property to satisfy the requirements of the International Property Maintenance code.

How can you schedule an inspection?

An inspection can be scheduled by contacting the Building Official, Michael Demski - Office hours: Wednesdays 7:30AM-4PM & Fridays 7:30AM-9:30AM

Phone: 734-848-6495 X202, email: mdemski@cityoflunapier.com

Please review the Property Maintenance / Rental Inspection Form to confirm that your house meets all of the requirements and to avoid re-inspections and additional fees. The form can be downloaded from the city website at: cityoflunapier.com - Rental Inspection Program page  

What if I sell the property or rent to a new tenant?

The new owner, must, within thirty (30) days after closing register the property in their name. The seller must provide a copy of any outstanding enforcements to the buyer. The buyer must provide this office with a notarized affidavit stating that they are in receipt of the enforcements, and agree, without condition, to make the required repairs in the allotted times. If you will be renting to a new tenant, you must first pay the required fee and provide for an inspection before the unit is occupied by a new tenant.

Important Documents

Please download the documents on this page, complete all information and return with required fees to the City of Luna Pier. 

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