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Department of Public Works

 phone:  734-848-8481


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From City of Luna Pier D.P.W.

With the snow we have had so far this year a few problems have come up that I need your help with. One is the basketball poles that are on the side of some of the roads.

If the poles are too close to the side of the road they could get caught on the plow trucks and damage the truck and the pole. These poles are very hard to see at night and need to be moved away from the road. Second is the parking of vehicles on the road during a snow event. When it snows keep the roads clear of parked vehicles. The third problem we came across is the low hanging branches on the sides of the roads. Most hardwood trees are okay at this time but we have a big problem with the pine trees around town. There are several roads that are only one lane wide when the limbs hang down with snow on them. These limbs can also damage lights and mirrors on the trucks and should be trimmed by the property owners to make for clear access to the whole road. Lastly I know the plows dump snow across the face of your driveways and if I could change that I would. The plow on the big truck is pinned in one position so it cannot be swung away from driveways. We do the best we can with the snow on such narrow streets. With that in mind we also have an ordinance in place that says not to put snow from your driveways back into the street; you can be ticketed for this, so refrain from doing it.

Be safe the rest of the winter and thanks for your help in these matters.


Right-Of-Way Permits Minimize

Any work withing the roadway right-of-way needs to obtain a permit from the City of Luna Pier for the propsed work.  

Right-Of-Way Guidelines.pdf

Right-Of-Way Fee Schedule.pdf

Right-Of-Way Permit.pdf

Grass, Leaves and Snow.............. Minimize

Department of Public Works


There is a problem with grass and leaves being blown into the street.  This is illegal and plugs up the drains.  Please refrain from doing this in the future. 


Burn Pile - There is a burn pile located in the boat ramp parking area.  This is for “brush and trees” only.  We have a problem with people dumping items with nails at this location.  This causes flat tires on the loader when we clean up the ashes.   If this practice continues, the city will consider eliminating this all together.  A place to dispose of brush and trees is a valuable asset to our residents.  Please don’t abuse it! 


Leaf Pick-up will be the same procedure as last year.  Leaves should be placed by the side of the road in clear bags only and will be picked up on Monday and Tuesday mornings only.  The city has a compost pile located in the northwest corner of the boat ramp parking area.  Any resident who wants to dispose of their own leaves or grass may do so but all items must be removed from the bags.  Leaves will be picked up through the months ofOCTOBER and NOVEMBER only.


Winter weather will be quickly upon us and to make our job easier and more efficient we would appreciate residents cooperation in not parking on side streets when there is any measurable snow fall.  In addition, there is no parking of vehicles or trailers of any kind at the end of streets with no outlets. 


Thank you!  

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