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Entrance Sign Donations Minimize

New Entrance to City Sign

A committee made up of members of different organizations and committees within the city was formed to design and raise funding for a new entrance sign on Luna Pier Rd., to replace the existing sign. If you would like to contribute to this cause, donations are being accepted at Luna Pier City Hall.  Please make checks out to the Luna Pier Business Association. More details of the sign will be posted as funds are collected and the committee meets.  

When Goverments Come Together in an Emergency Minimize


While things have settled down and getting back to normal, I would like to take some time and thank everyone who was involved in this water emergency event. I want to give kudos to the Luna Pier Fire and Police Departments, who assisted in obtaining the water to distribute, and dispensing the water.

            I want to thank the citizens of Luna Pier, who remained calm and did not panic during the emergency. Our citizens took only the water they needed and did not attempt to take any more then needed.   I know neighbors helped each when the need arose, delivering water to residents who could not obtain their own.  These actions show what a great community we live in.

            The citizens of Luna Pier have been through floods and blizzards throughout the years. We have always come together to help each other and others living outside the city who were in need during these emergencies  The citizens of Luna Pier always come out on top, showing how resilient and kind they are. 

            I also want to thank, Mike Bosnic Monroe County Administrator, Mayor Robert Clark City of Monroe, Mark Hammon and Susan Martinez Monroe County Emergency Management Division, Sheriff Dale Malone and Major Troy Goodnough Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Kim Comerzan Monroe County Health Department, Members of the American Red Cross, all of these folks assisted the City during this event.

            In the near future, all agencies involved will be having meetings with personnel from the City’s Departments and County Departments to have a debriefing, to exchange ideas on how we can improve on disseminating information, as different departments receive it. With these meetings I hope to keep you all appraised of what is occurring in a timely manner.

            If anyone has suggestions or ideas that they may think can help, please call or e-mail me at

hank You All,

Mayor Dave Davison

City of Luna Pier MI.

Update on Algea Minimize

Good morning Mayor Davison.

To follow up on our conversation from July 24, 2014.  I have done a little research into the decomposing algae that we observed along the shoreline in front of 11112 Harold Drive.  It appears (based on my research) that the algae mats are considered filamentous algae and that the recommendation that I made to keep animals and people from direct contact with the mats and surrounding waters is accurate.  

The research I have read indicates that to be sure of the type of algae, and subsequently whether they produce toxins, each algae mat would have to be assessed through sampling.  So, short of sampling each mat, each time one comes in from offshore, my recommendation is to treat them all as potentially concerning from a full body contact and drinking perspective (for animals).  

I am awaiting a response from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) as to possible treatment options.  I know that we discussed aeration and also physical removal as potential options, but I have not found anything that suggests either of those options are viable from a fiscal perspective.

The avoidance of the water may be onerous for some people.  If this is the case, we certainly would recommend that if they choose to enter the algae covered waters that they follow necessary steps to minimize the potential for adverse effects:

1. Avoid full body contact/submersion of head/face in the water.

2. Avoid contact of water with cuts and/or scrapes.

3. Wash thoroughly as soon as possible after leaving the water.

Again, we would recommend avoiding the waters altogether when algae is present, but should people not heed that recommendation, the above steps should be adhered to.


Jason W. Childress

Registered Environmental Health Specialist

Monroe County Health Department

Environmental Health Division

Algea Minimize

After receiving several complainants as to the strong odor coming from the lake, particularly Harold Dr. between Ann St. and N. 6th St., I contacted the Monroe County Health Department.  I met with an employee from the MCHD Environmental Health Section.  He inspected the shoreline in that area.   I was advised the odor was coming from decomposition of the algae lying on the beach. The representative from the Health Department further advised the odor itself is not a health hazard; however, he would not suggest body contact in the area where the algae is decomposing.

As of this time, the Monroe County Health Department has no means to remove the algae from the lake.  Jason Childress, the Representative from the Health Department is going to contact the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in an attempt to have them complete further testing of samples taken for an in depth study of the materials washing up on shore.

There is no quick fix to this problem.  There are committees being formed to address these problems.  As usual you have one group blaming the other group for the problem: i.e. farmers, waste water treatment plants, dredging of rivers etc. etc. 

As I learn more of what actions are being taken to address these problems I will keep you the residents of Luna Pier informed.      

Thank You,

 Mayor Davison

Alert Minimize

Please be aware of a company called Just Energy soliciting business for natural gas in the city. This company did not obtain the required permits to solicit in the city. I have received  several calls at city hall reference this company. Please contact city hall if this company makes contact with you, or ask to see their permit. Also you may want check this business on the internet, to check for complainants.

Mayor Dave Davison

City of Luna Pier 

Welcome to Luna Pier, MI - Incorporated in 1963 Minimize

Streamline Developers Guide Minimize

Being part of Monroe County, The City of Luna Pier is poised for economic development opportunities with our location on I-75. Click logo for information on commercial development in this area.


Title VI Compliance Minimize

The City of Luna Pier is committed to ensuring that no one is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of its services on the basis of race, color or national origin as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.

If you believe you have been discriminated against, you may file the following form below, and submit through U.S. Postal Service to:

City of Luna Pier

Attention: Crystal Manley

P.O. Box 375

4357 Buckeye Street

Luna Pier, MI 48157

Or submit through email to

Master Plan Information Minimize
A New Luna Pier Master Plan
Luna Pier is a great community – great for many reasons.   The people, the lake, the beach all combine to create a terrific place to call home.   The community we all see and experience each day is really the result of thousands of decisions made by residents and elected officials over many years.   Past and current residents have built a community that is easy to become attached to, and easy to feel optimistic about.   
But what will the next 10 to 20 years bring for Luna Pier?  Will it become more attractive, and livable, or will it decline in comparison to other communities.   That will depend upon future decision-making.   To be sure, there is no way to predict exactly what the future will bring as many things are simply not controlled locally.   However, what is controlled locally is whether the city has, and works toward, a long-term vision for community development.   All communities face this same challenge when it comes to creating the future.   In the really successful communities however, there is a noticeable sense of being fully committed to long-term community planning and a sense what they want to become.   They develop this vision from substantial discussion with residents and they have high expectations for what they can be.  They capitalize on their strengths and they have a sense of authenticity.  
The opportunity to create this long-term vision for Luna Pier will unfold in 2009.   The City was successful in obtaining a grant from the State of Michigan to help fund a new Community Master Plan.   The work to be done will include many opportunities for residents and community organizations to weigh in on what they would like the future of Luna Pier to be like.   While no one is suggesting change for the sake of change, there is so much potential in Luna Pier and your input is needed to fully explore the available choices.   The Luna Pier Planning Commission will be spearheading this effort, and residents will have many opportunities to share thoughts and ideas in the coming months.  However, if you have a desire to participate in this effort in a more active role, please contact Greg Stewart or Mayor Liske and let them know of your interest.  Otherwise, please watch future newsletters, the city web site and newspapers for future meeting notices.   2009 will be a very important year for the City of Luna Pier as it charts a course for the future. 
Randy Mielnik, AICP, LEED AP
Principal Owner
Poggemeyer Design Group, Inc.
View the Master Plan Slideshow Minimize

See the City of Luna Pier's new Master Plan Slide Show!

This is a fairly large file that might take a minute to upload, so please be patient

read more ...

Grass and Weeds Minimize


To all property owners of land situated in the City of Luna Pier, Monroe County, Michigan: 

 NOTICE:  All vacant lots and land are to be cleared of weeds, brush, grass and fallen trees and limbs, Section 11.11 of the Charter of the City of Luna Pier.

WHEREAS, it has been determined that such weeds and grasses shall not be allowed to grow in excess of six (6) inches in height.

WHEREAS, it shall be the duty of all owners of land in the City of Luna Pier to destroy, remove or cut any and all weeds and grasses which exceed six (6) inches in height and ensure that all vacant lots and land are cleared of weeds, brush, grass and fallen trees and limbs in accordance with Section 11.11 of the Charter of the City of Luna Pier starting February 13, 2105.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that should such weeds or grasses not be destroyed, removed or cut by the owner on or after February 13, 2015 the removal or cutting shall be undertaken by the City of Luna Pier.  The City shall have the option to contract with certified vendors to cut grass at the properties in violation of this resolution.   The following charges with a special assessment will be levied against the property:

First Offence                       $ 100.00 per lot
Second Offence                   $ 250.00 per lot
Three and More Offences    $ 500.00 per lot
Late Payment Fee               $15.00 per month

Allstar Disposal & Recycling Minimize

AllStar Disposal & Recycling is now serving the City of Luna Pier for residential and commercial refuse collection.  Trash will continue to be pick-up on the usual day, Friday mornings except for the week of July 4th.  Rubbish will be picked up on Thursday, July 3rd.   Large items can be picked up for a small fee.  To find out the cost and to schedule a large item pick-up, contact Allstar at (734)850-9500.

Parks & Recreation Minimize

City of Luna Pier Resident Mrs. Pattie Grimes volunteers her time to scrape, clean, and paint park benches at Water Tower Park.  A BIG City of Luna Pier Thank You goes out to her.

Monroe County Alert Notification System Minimize

 Information:  On Monroe County Alert Notification System

The residents and businesses in the City Of Luna Pier have the option of being notified of local and county emergencies through the Monroe County Emergency Management Division.

Monroe County has implemented an emergency notification system to contact County residence and businesses via recorded phone messages,text messages and email during emergencies.


Reaches citizens immediately with critical information.

Rapidly and reliably disseminates official information and instructions to residents and businesses based on location. The MCANS emergency notification system delivers messages across all communication platforms and cycles through these devices until the message is confirmed.

Citizen Protection and Life Safety:

  •  Local Snow Emergencies
  •  Public Health Information           
  •  School Emergency notification
  •  County road closure
  •  Local road closure
  •  Drinking water Alerts
  •  Local Community Notification

Emergency Response and Management

  • Evacuation Instructions
  • Chemical Spill Information
  • Local Disaster Notifications
  •  “All Clear” Broadcasts.

Go online for more information and to register your cell phone ,Voice Over IP (VOIP) number, land line and/or e-mail address.    Web Page  or call & (734)  240-3135

Mayor Dave Davison
City of Luna Pier

Monroe County Visitor Information Minimize

Announcements Minimize

Help Wanted !

We are currently accepting applications for the following boards:

Luna Pier Housing Commission- 1 Opening

Flood & Erosion Protection- 1 Opening, 1 Alternative

Planning Commission /EDC - 2 openings 

Salary commission - 2 openings 

Tax Board of Review- 1 Opening

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) -  2  alternates

A letter of interest / application should be submitted to the City Clerk if you are interested in serving on any of these boards or commissions.

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